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Email Marketing Strategy might be old but still works to get working people's attention, since at work, social media can't be really useful. Emails are used to send messages regarding your product or service, typically to a group of people.

Email marketing can be used for a variety of purposes such as advertisements, sales, charity work, business tie-ups and it is also done to build trust among your customer base, thereby invoking loyalty through brand visibility. Marketing emails can be sent to an existing customer or to a prospect customer.


It is surely the oldest medium of online marketing, ever since its invention. It has a high reach amongst working class people since, sorting out emails are functions still carried out in the corporate world. You could get a chance of marketing there by saying what is vital for conversion but keeping the email neat and functional.

It is probably the best medium for generating leads and ensuring conversions, since we can also add links and CTA buttons for it. AdBee Solutions is the Best Email Marketing Agency in Trichy having evolved over the past decade with advancements in marketing methods and using automation to get the job done.

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Reasons why email marketing is considered crucial :

  • Nearly 90% of all business professionals communicate via email and this makes it a good opportunity.

  • Around 10% in the B2B market deals are confirmed only through email marketing without any sort of intervention.

  • Click-Through Rates for B2B email marketing are nearly 50% higher than the rates when compared to email campaigns used for Business-to-Consumer situations.

  • Nearly 30% of SMEs prefer email marketing to increase their sales; moreover 10% of those use email marketing for brand visibility.

Features of Email Marketing

At AdBee Solutions, we deliver only quality interactive media at affordable costs, email marketing is our forte'

Drag/Drop Custom Builds
Automation & Drip Campaigns
List Segmentation & Mngmt.
Email Import/Export - Easy Access
A/B Split Testing of Campaigns
Responsive Layout for Email
Lead Capture via Notification
Subscription Forms for New Leads

Choosing AdBee Solutions for Email Marketing

AdBee Solutions is a trusted digital marketing company in Trichy that has been operative for more than 1 year, having served more than 50 clients and successfully executed over 150+ projects.

We help you plan the ultimate email marketing strategy thatn can help you push your brand marketing and sales target to go beyond their limits. Customers can use our email marketing services without installing any kind of software or configuring servers.

Being the bulk Email Service Provider in Trichy, we offer a variety of pricing packages to perfectly suit your needs according to your resources that you are ready to invest. No matter if you are a Small startup or a Big Firm, we got all types of custom email marketing options for you.

Eventually, our intelligent & adaptive email marketing services make sure that no matter what the situation is, your emails get delivered on time every time. We strive to give only the best in our services and that is why we are the "Go-To" company for Email Marketing and all forms of Digital Marketing.

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